Advisory Board

As a full-time coach, Cal is always on the cutting-edge of information and technology. He surrounds himself with other experts in the field of human sciences. His advisory board includes:

Dr. David Smith

Professor of Exercise Physiology at the Human Performance Laboratory, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His laboratory specializes in the application of sport science to the training of high performance athletes and he works with 4 Canadian Olympic teams as part of his role as Director of Sport Science for the Canadian Sport Center - Calgary. Since he has had these responsibilities, the center has produced 22 World Records and a half a dozen Olympic Medals.

Dr. PZ Pierce

PZ is a medical doctor who was appointed as the 2003 Medical Director at the Ironman Coeur D'Alene and is the Chief Medical Staff for the Spokane Chiefs. He often lectures at the Ironman Hawaii Medical Conference and has done 7 Ironmans.

Dr. Hap Davis

Hap is a clinical Psychologist specialising in sport Performance, He worked with the Calgary Flames the year they won the Stanley Cup. Currently Hap is the sport Psychologist for the Canadian Swim Team and works with all athletes in every sport.

Dr. Lee Coyne

Lee has his PHED in exercise physiology specializing in nutrition. He is the author of several nutrition books including "Fat will not make you fat all by itself" and is a regular contributer to IMPACT magazine and FITSTART.



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