Personalized Ultra Running Program Design (Monthly Meeting)

If you seek guidance on how to complete and even race an ultra marathon, road or trail, CoachCal can customize a program for your lifestyle. Not only has CoachCal designed successful Programs for 3 Mount Everest Summiteers, but he coached Sandra McCallum the World Record Holder for the most Desert Ultra Marathons in one year. CoachCal has designed various programs to complete the Western States 100, Death Race, Sinister 7, Marathon Des Sables, Conrades, Pikes Peak, Grizzley Ultra, Death Valley and many more.

ONE on ONE Program Design: 200.00 per month plus gst
Meetings are at CoachCal's office or by phone. If you perfer CoachCal to travel to you for a meeting, add 50.00 per month.


NEW for 2019 - Group Ultra Running Training Program
Customized Program or not, CSR offers an Ultra Runners Group Training Program!  This program not only creates up to 5 hours of run training and conditioning but offers some challenging opportunities to train and explore.

PROGRAM DETAILS : 2 weekends a month starting in January, ultra runners will train together on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: Mount Royal University / 8:15am start / 2 hours of Running and Body Conditioning Circuits and Plyometrics / 60'-2 hours Run Outdoors / Water Run / Hot Tub
Sunday: EPIC Group Vertical Gain Snowshoe with CSR Team                TOTAL WEEKEND TRAINING VOLUME = 8-12 hours

DATES: (4 Weekends)
January 12/13
February 9/10
March 9/10
Apr 6/7

May 5: EPIC SnowShoe Challenge 8000-10,000 Verical Feet
May 18/19: Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (to Rim) Optional Group Trip

COST: 350.00 plus GST (does NOT include the Grand Canyon Adventure)
Drop Ins Available at 50.00 per Weekend


Articles Calvin Zaryki and Dr. Dave J. Smith's
Training Principles and Issues for Ultra-endurance Athletes

Triathlon Ironman: www.ironmanlive.com
Ultraman Triathlons: www.ultramanworlds.com

Running Comrades: www.comrades.com
Marathon Des Sables: www.darbaroud.com
Canadian Death Race: www.canadiandeathrace.com

Cycling Trans Rockies Cycling Race: www.transrockies.com
24 hours of Adrenaline: www.twenty4sports.com

Mountaineering See: www.bergadventures.com
Mount Everest, Nepal
Kilimanjaro, Kenya
Aconcagua, Argentina


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