Consultation and Advanced Testing

Consultation Rate: $175.00 per hour plus gst (add $25.00 per 15 minutes beyond 1hr)

Sometimes people are looking for detailed information about health, fitness and personal peak performance. CoachCal offers a single consultation to discuss all burning questions you might have. These meetings are at CriticalSpeed head office (2628 19th ave SW, Calgary).

These meetings might be used to outline a nutrition plan for fat loss or recovery enhancement, evaluate a training program and insert critical missing links and even assist in the planning of a race season. CoachCal has worked with a range of clients from Cancer Survivors to Professional Athletes.

If you do not live in Calgary, these consultation can also be done via phone or skype. Make sure you arrange the appointment by emailing  CoachCal at

Body Composition: $100.00

Determine your percent body fat and lean body mass. CoachCal has been testing all populations for over 25 years. As a bonus, you will receive a nutrition plan based on your lean body mass that will fit your goals and physical activity (45 minute Session).

Lactate Threshold Testing For Bike and Run: $200.00

Option #1: Using your own bike and set up on the Computrainer with 6 blood samples, All 8 training heart rate zones will be determined along with power output. Maximum heart rate will be determined as well. From this test, CoachCal can determine your Watts per pound ratio and give you a good indication what your ride performance can be. He has tested athletes who can ride from 4:40 to 8 hours for the Ironman Distance.

Option #2: Running on a track, you will do several 800m intervals at varying speeds. After each 800m, a blood sample will be taken to determine the internal stress. You will start at a speed slower than marathon pace and finish at your 1 mile time trial pace. A must do for any serious runner. This track protocol is superior to all treadmill tests. You are actually running rather than just keeping up with a moving belt.

For more information contact CoachCal at

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