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Calvin Zaryski

7X World XTERRA Champion  •  15 World Triathlon Medals

CoachCal Gives His Secrets to Maintaining Peak Performance Through 3 Decades

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Saturday, 17 November 2012 22:31


* 15 World Championship Medals (10 GOLD, 6 SILVER and 1 BRONZE) in ITU Events, Ironman 70.3 and XTERRA. CoachCal has the RACE EXPERIENCE and PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGIES as a Beginner, Developing Age Group and Aging Athlete.

* Master Degree in Exercise Physiology Specializing in Endurance Performance: Research Based Programs and Science Based Coaching

* Coach to 2 Olympians, Commonwealth Gold Medalist, World Record Holders, Mount Everest Summitteers, IRONMAN Champions, Cancer Survivors and Multiple World Champions.  Take your Performance to the NEXT Level

* Been Coaching Professionally for 30 Years!  Hundreds of Triathletes, Marathon Runners, Cyclists, Ultra Runners


Contact CoachCal: coachcal@criticalspeed.com

Office: 403 660 7002
Office Address: 2628 19th ave SW, Calgary, AB Canada T3E7G1


CoachCal has been coaching for over 30 years. Not just focusing on athletes, but on individuals whose goals range from climbing Mount Everest to recapturing the power of active living. Cal has over 5 years of formal education in the Science of Coaching and Exercise Physiology. He is a certified exercise physiologist and is required to remain current on exercise, nutrition and wellness information and practises. CoachCal is the only coach in Canada to combine 10 World Triathlon Titles, Multiple National Titles and Top World Rankings with Advanced Education in Exercise Science and Body Health. This combination of experience and education creates a unique coaching intuition and professional guidance that gets results.


2007 Xterra World Championships, 3rd Overall Amateur
CoachCal and Lance Armstrong fight it out hill climbing in 2007, Storm Mountain.

Coaching Awards

  • 2008 Triathlon Canada Age Group and Junior Coach of the Year
  • 2007 Triathlon Canada Age Group and Junior Coach of the Year
  • 2007 Alberta Triathlon Association Coach of the Year
  • 2005 Triathlon Canada Age Group and Junior Coach of the Year
  • 2005 Alberta Triathlon Association Coach of the Year
  • 2003 Alberta Triathlon Association Coach of the Year


Athlete Awards and World Rankings

CoachCal has 9 World XTERRA Titles, 1 World Masters Triathlon Title, World Silver Medal in 70.3 and ITU Cross & Olympic Distance.

  • 2016 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2015 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
    2015 IRONMAN 70.3 #1 RANKING IN THE WORLD 45-49 Age Group
  • 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 #3 RANKING IN THE WORLD 45-49 Age Group
  • 2013 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
    2013 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Long Distance Award
    2nd at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships 45-49 AG
  • 2012 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2011 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2010 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2009 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2008  TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Olympic Distance Award
    2008 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award

Top Athletes Coached

  • Tate Haugan: XTERRA Pan American Amateur Champion / World 15-19 XTERRA Champion
  • Emily Wagner: Junior Elite Triathlete (7th at the World Junior Championships)
  • Carol Montgomery: Triathlon Commonwealth Gold Medalist / Olympian
  • Chuckie V: 1999 Ironman Canada Champion
  • Tom Evans: Ironman Champion
  • Jill Savege: Triathlon Pan Am Champion, Olympian
  • Pauline Li: Top Female Amateur IMCan 2004
  • Kim Townsend: 2nd Female Amateur IMCdA 2005
  • Michael Gorman: 2nd Male Amateur IMCdA 2006
  • Catherine Brown: 5th Overall Amateur IMCan 2006 & 07
  • Rosemarie Gerspacher: Top Female Amateur IMCan 2006 and IMCdA 2007
    • 3rd Overall Amateur Hawaii Ironman World Championships 10:05.
  • Sheila Croft: 4th Overall Female Amateur IMCan 2008
    • 2011 Ironman 70.3 and Ironman World Champion
    • 2012 Ironman World Championships 8th Overall Female Amateur, Fastest Run (3:08 marathon)
  • Jordan Bryden: Canada's Top ITU Under 23 Athlete in 2008
  • Bev Watson: World 60-64 2013 Ironman (World Record) and Xterra Champion,
  • Danelle Kabush: 2nd Pro Female 2008, 5th Pro 2011 Xterra Worlds / Member of Luna Racing Team
    • 2012 Great White North Female Champion
    • 2012 XTERRA Beaver Creek Regional Mountain Champion
  • Myron Tetreault: 2012 Ironman Texas AG 45-49 Champion
    • 2012 Canmore Triathlon Champion
  • Susanne Boyd: 2012 Ironman Canada AG 35-39 Champion, 3X Kona Participant



  1. "Effect of high volume training and taper on stroke volume and ammonia/lactate accumulation". University of Calgary High Performance Laboratory
  2. "Individualized Exercise Program for the Treatment of Fatigue in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients". Tom Baker Cancer Center and the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary Interdisciplinary study of exercise physiology in bone-marrow-transplant survivors with fatigue and minor or no detectable clinical pathology: effects on QOL, exercise-physiology, immune parameters and socio-economic impact.

Education and Sport CERTIFICATION

  • Master Degree in Kinesiology from University of Calgary High Performance Center
  • Bachelors Degree in Physical Education
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • NCCP Level 3 Theory
  • NCCP Level 2 Distance Running
  • NCCP Level 1 Swimming
  • NCCP Level 1 Triathlon

Published Research

Training Principles and Issues for Ultra-endurance Athletes,
Current Sports Medicine Reports 2005, 4:165-170 Current Science Inc. ISSN 1537-890x

ON THE CUTTING EDGE ALWAYS: Ironman Hawaii Medical Conference

CoachCal is the only Endurance Coach in Alberta to attend the prestigious Ironman Medical Conference in Hawaii, the week before Ironman. He attended the conference in 2004, 2006 and 2012. This 5 day seminar puts the best sport medical doctors, exercise physiologists and nutritionists in one room. This ground breaking knowledge will give you the edge in your training, recovery, injury prevention, race strategy, nutrition complication and more.


Cal grew up in Penticton, BC, home of Ironman Canada. In 1985 he began competing in triathlons. Along the way he attended Clinics and Camps by Dave Scott, Ray Browning and Phil Maffetone. His 30 years of racing experience is a necessary component to his extensive education.

As an athlete he has achieved a high level of performance. Some of his notable achievements are:
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Criticalspeed provides a multisport training system that maximizes your time and stimulates improvements. The process includes a social and supportive environment to maintain consistency and motivation.

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