High Altitude Camps

At times your body needs that little extra in volume and environmental stress to push through a plateau and get to the next level in your endurance fitness. CSR offers 3 opportunities to train in the Canadian Rockies above 6500 feet and be pampered to maximize your recovery.

The setting is fantastic. Imagine snowshoeing for 4 hours only to come back to the lodge and be served hot soup and lunch. After an informal lecture, it is time to jump on the bike and do another 2-4 hours lead by CoachCal.

For the best value, you should be in good shape before these camps allowing you to participate in the slow moving long duration volume of 12 or so hours in 2.5 days at 6200 - 9000 vertical feet.


The maximum number of athletes is 24. CSR athletes and members have priority sign up, but a waiting list will be created for public athletes.

2017- 2018 Dates

CAMP #1:
Dec 15-17, 2017
Friday 15: 3 Hour Video Studio Ride at CT Studio
Saturday 16: 4 Hour Snowshoe in the Rockies
Sunday 17: 4 Hour BRICK session at the Mount Royal University
Total Volume: 11 hours
Jan 19-21, 2018
Friday 19: 3 hour Video Indoor Ride at CT Studio
Saturday 20: 4 Hour Snowshoe in Canadian Rockies
Sunday 21: 4 Hour Enduro BRICK at MRU

Feb 16-18, 2018



Easter EPIC
March 31-April 1 and 2, 2018

Friday 16: 3 hour Video Indoor Ride at CT Studio
Saturday 17: 4 Hour Snowshoe in Canadian Rockies
Sunday 18: 5 Hour Enduro BRICK at MRU


Fri 31: Swim 12-1:30 MRU / Computrainer 2 hrs / Run 2 hrs
Sat 4: SShoe 8-11am / Swim 12-1:30pm MRU / Video Ride 4-7pm
Sun 5: MRU 5 Hr BRICK 10-3pm MRU

18-19 HOURS Total Training

All of these dates are chosen for a reason (3-5 weeks out from a major triathlon race) ... to get a physiological response to carry into the main races of the season ... Ironman CdA, Great White North Half Ironman and Ironman Canada.

Costs Camp #1

Current CSR Athletes: $FREE
Public: $60.00

Camp #2

Current CSR Athletes: $FREE
Public: $60.00

Camp #3

Current CSR Athletes: $FREE
Public: $60.00

Camp #4 Easter Epic Endurance Camp

Current CSR Athletes: $60.00 (Single Days 20.00 each)
Public: 150.00 (Single Days 50.00 each)

Priority given to full time WinSport Athletes and Athletes participating in the full Easter Camp.

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