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SILVER Program

This program offers more personalized attention by adding a one on one meeting with CoachCal every second month.  In addition to regular meetings, 2 testing sessions are included with an 8 month committment. Program includes:

  • Weekly CSR training email updates
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Access to CoachCal During Business Hours
  • One on One Meeting Bimonthly
  • 2 Advanced Testing Sessions over 8 Months
  • Coached Swim Sessons (Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • Open water swims (June-August Fridays)
  • 3 Group Runs per week Including Running Interval Sessions
  • Cycling sessions (indoor and outdoor)
  • 2 Online ZOOM Bike and Conditioning Session (Fall and Winter)
  • 2 BRICK sessions per Month at Mount Royal University (Winter)
  • Snowshoeing or Hiking Once per Month
  • Simulated Triathlons Once per Month (Winter)
  • Mini Volume Camps every 6 Weeks (Fri/Sat/Sun)
  • CSR merchandise discounts
  • Married Couples Discount of 10%

$650.00 plus gst per month

10% Reduction for 8 month committment / 15% reduction for 10 month committment / 20% reduction for 12 month committment

Prices include normal facility fees (special events not included such as camps, simulated triathlons, All Olympics Oval Activities).

All payments are by Post Dated Checks or charge on Visa or Mastercard.
All Visa or Mastercard transactions are subject to a 5% surcharge.

4 Month Commitment Minimum

1 Month notice must be given for Program Cancellation

You must sign three forms: Consent, PAR-Q, and Application.

Please review our policies.

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About Criticalspeed

Criticalspeed provides a multisport training system that maximizes your time and stimulates improvements. The process includes a social and supportive environment to maintain consistency and motivation.

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