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Criticalspeed (4)

Impact Magazine 2009 Nov/Dec - "Creative Marathon Training" 2008 Jul/Aug - "Trail Running Review"May/Jun - "Off Road Triathlon Training"Mar/Apr - "Train for Pain" 2007 May/Jun - "World XTERRA Champion Cover Story"Mar/Apr - "Body Mass and Running Performance"Jan/Feb - "Pre-Season Triathlon Preparation" 2006 May/Jun - "The BRICK Workout"Mar/Apr - "Training for…
Preparation for multisport can be very demanding. The sequencing of the exercise volume and intensity requires intricate planning. This plan must be challenging yet enjoyable, sensitive to life’s responsibilities. CoachCal is the most experiened Lifestyle High Performance Coach in Alberta, and has been awarded Triathlon Canada's Coach of the Year…
As a full-time coach, Cal is always on the cutting-edge of information and technology. He surrounds himself with other experts in the field of human sciences. His advisory board includes: Dr. David Smith Professor of Exercise Physiology at the Human Performance Laboratory, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.…
Coachcal has been public speaking for over 15 years on topics related to health and happiness. Some of his larger clients include ING Financial and General Motors. If general exercise, nutrition and stress management topics are too general, CoachCal can also deliver countless hours of information on high performance as…

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About Criticalspeed

Criticalspeed provides a multisport training system that maximizes your time and stimulates improvements. The process includes a social and supportive environment to maintain consistency and motivation.

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