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Personal Fitness

Case Study: DENISE COFFIELD -She did it... 50 pound weight loss, new diet plan and months of new found energy and fitness. Denise finished her first Olympic Distance Triathlon and has the new look to prove it. She simply glows with enthusiasm and self-esteem. Now she aims higher in her fitness goal as she continues to beome more apart of CSR's group training. She began with one on one consultations with CoachCal to begin her journey.

You can meet with CoachCal for a one on one session that will identify and prioritize areas that need restructuring. Hire your very own personal coach to keep you accountable and on track. Meetings can be weekly bimonthly or monthly. The program can even include personal training that can come to you for your wellness sessions. Medical screening and assessments will give you the confidence to get started and ultimately illustrate yor personal change. The program is customized based on your personal style of change and progression.


Medical Assessment: If there are medical concerns, you will be directed to one of CSR's medical advisors for an indepth assessment to give you peace of mind.

Web Site Database: This logging system has been proven to give the fitness project meaning and can actually stimulate motiation. Self monitoring is very powerful to keep you on track and is a tool that your coach will use to keep you challenged and moving forward! Once you see your training, weight loss and other factors in the form of a graph, you will start to increase your enthusiasm.

Body Composition Assessment: Each and every time you meet with your coach, you will be given a friendly assessment to evaluate your fat loss and potential muscle mass gain. This tool is critical to determine the amount of protein required in your diet. CoachCal will take your lean body mass, your activity level and your ultimate goal into consideration when calculating your dietary needs

Nutritional Counciling: CSR's Active Lifestyle program has experts that will take your unique situation, whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain or just that toned look. Lars Gustaffson is the chief nutritionist that will make all your nutrition dreams come true.

All Essential Fitness Tools: CoachCal requires that you have the essentail tools that will play a critical role in your progress.

Polar manufactures the most reliable and affordable Heart Rate Monitors in the World.

Pedometers are also a great tool to quantify your walking exercise.

Surgical Tubing is the inexpensive gymnasium that can go with you anywhere. You will be the Master of the Tube in a few months on this program.



Calvin Zaryski: Masters Degree in Kinesiology, Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant.
Dr. Bruce Hoffman: Medical Director of the Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine in Calgary. For more information go to www.hoffmancentre.com.
Lars Gustafsson: Founder of Nutrition Empowerment Systems & creator of The BodyMind Nutrition System. For more information go to www.bodymindnutrition.com
Jennifer Rankel: Master Degree in Kinesiology specializing in Corporate Wellness and Fitness
Amanda Taffs: Personal Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach


Travel Fee for Offsite Meetings: 0.65 per km
We require 48 hours notice for any rescheduling or cancellation of appointments. A $50.00 administration fee will be levied if you fail to do so.

There is a 4 month commitment in each program. After the 4 month period, you are required to inform criticalspeed by email or phone of your discontinuation in the program. Failure to do so will result in continued monthly charges for the access to the website coaching and services.

If for some reason you can not utilize this service due to injury, the service can be transferred or a credit can be given.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please do not hesitate to call coachcal at 403 242-2398.

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Criticalspeed provides a multisport training system that maximizes your time and stimulates improvements. The process includes a social and supportive environment to maintain consistency and motivation.

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