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WOW, what I weekend that was for many of you!  Ironman Canada, Ironman Louisville and Penticton Challenge were all happening on the same day.  Here are some of the results.

Rick Wilson was ill after the swim and toughed it out till about 6 miles into the run.  Marilyn had a tough swim, some 30 minutes longer than usual (bad course marking and choppy waters)  and with this late start on the bike, she just missed the bike cut off at Yellow Lake. She was strong on the bike and all those Computrainer session made a difference.  

Mark Powell in Ironman Louisville won his age group and qualified for Kona.  Tony Chad was having a great day but the heat too its toll and he made it to the 8 hour mark. Ironman Arizona is slated later in the season.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 18:55

June Update

Hi Team,

Team CSR had an awesome weekend!  I am so impressed with the performances and it was thrilling watching Darren, Sylvie, Rick, Leslie and Mike P dig deep at IMCdA! Hats off to Darren (11th) and Leslie (6th), Sylvie (14). Sylvie ran by me 6 miles into the marathon and stated that she was going to run the entire marathon. Many of you who have done an Ironman know how hard that task is, but she did it. 

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Monday, 03 June 2013 05:03

Kona 70.3 Report

Well I truly was having a fantastic race. In my swim warm up I saw a huge manta ray gliding through the water. It gave me a sense of calm and wonder.  I positioned myself well in the 1000 person mens wave. I set out strong but kept telling myself to relax and be smooth (Franky Goes to Hollywood Song running through my brain) . The first 600m was in the shallow part of the ocean so I felt comfortable.  Then the course headed out to deep sea and choppier waters. The day brought unique and strong winds down from the massive volcano. Most locals said it was the hardest conditions in the last 5 years. 

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Monday, 19 November 2012 00:38

Kona is HOT!

Well duh!  But when the sun shines on your while exercising, it is an entirely different stress!  Secondly, I have to say this... every athlete present in Kona was elite. Elite age groupers sporting less than minimum body fat and just ripped! What a spectacle of amazing athletes.

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