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70.3 World Championship

Monday, 09 September 2013 20:18 |
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Again huge congrats to Dawn A, who finished the 70.3 World Championship yesterday. She got beat up on the swim by the young men who started just after her wave, survived the massive down pour on the bike and pushed through the hot, sunny and humid 13.1 mile run. Great experience.  Canada did well. I believe we won at least 3 World Titles.

I found out that I actually was in FIRST with 2 miles to go.  There was a long 1 mile grind then a long 1 mile downhill to the finish. With about 600m to go, 2 men ran by me fast!  One of them was young, while the other man was older, short and moving fast.  YUP... no age on his calf (due to rain) and I have no idea. But he was going so fast I just did not have much anyways. At the awards, he told me I passed him at about the 8 mile mark but he kept me insight. He used me to pull him through the field for the last 4 miles.  He then attacked, and attacked hard. I high fived him and felt better about the way I lost first place.  He was a super nice guy.  He also mentioned he was going to World XTERRA this year.  He knew who I was from my XTERRA history.  It was a really cool connect with a man who lives half way around the world.

1. Stoffel, Richard 131 CHE 00:33:59 02:27:37 01:26:22 04:34:04
2. Zaryski, Calvin 133 CAN 00:31:15 02:32:47 01:24:52 04:34:15
3. Ryan, Mark 152 USA 00:31:38 02:29:38 01:29:36 04:36:57
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